2019 AR Scholastic Chess Championship

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DETAILS:  2 Sections:

9-12th Grades:  Winner is Arkansas Delegate to Denker Tournament of High School Champions; Runner-up is Alternate.

K-8th Grades:  Winner is Arkansas Delegate to Barber Tournament of K-8 Champions.  Both of these tournaments will be August 3-6 in conjunction with the US Open in Orlando, FL.

FORMAT:  Swiss style pairings with 4-6 rounds in each section depending on number of players.  If 4 Rounds: G/55mins., 5 sec. delay each player; if 5 Rds.:  G/40; d.5; if 6 Rds.: G/35; d.5. NO BYES for this tournament.

TEAMS: This is primarily an Individual Tournament with a Team component. Teams may be 2 or more players from same school in each section.  Team scores will be the Top 3 scores of that School’s Players (if only 2 players, then their combined scores).  Since the primary purpose of this tournament is to determine the Individual Winners for the Denker and Barber, team members may get paired if computer pairing program pairs them – beginning in the 3rd round.

TROPHIES:  Individual 1st and 2nd in each section; Team 1st and 2nd in each section.  Certificates to all with Plus Scores (scoring over 50%).

REGISTER: Go to http://www.swlrchessclub.com/scholastic to register.

REGISTRATION:  7:45-8:45AM.  Round 1 at 9AM.  Other Round times and Lunch Break will be posted at site.  Please bring tournament approved chess sets and chess clocks with delay if you have one!

USCF Membership required for this event.  Players (unrated) will receive a USCF Rating from this event.

It is preferred that students obtain this membership online from uschess.org before registering [click on “Join”] and includes their membership number with Entry Form.

TIEBREAKS for 1st and 2nd:  Visit https://goo.gl/BYwsGN  

ENTRY FEE:  $5 per student if registered online by April 18; $15 registration on site (fill out the form below to bring with you for on site registration)