QSS Tournament Payout Structure

Every quarterly tournament we get questions about how prizes are paid out because two people can score the same but one takes home the second prize.

1. Whoever scores highest gets first place prize.  If two people tie, then they split the prize.
2. We do not award a second place prize.  We payout a second prize for the person who does the best in the lowest half of their section.  The second prize takes the points scored plus the rating in the account.

In this example, Pete Pantry receives first place for scoring the highest in the section.  Second prize is decided by who had the best score between players 5-8, based on rating.  Even though Sam Smith also scored a 2.0, Steve South is awarded the second prize because he did the best in the bottom half of the section. Rating + score = second prize.

This payout structure, while unique, encourages players as their rating goes up and they enter into a new section.  Sections are determined by the ratings of who shows up, not just by ratings. If we have a small number of players attend and ratings for a section are between 1000-1800, this helps encourage lower rated players not get discouraged by still having an opportunity to take home a prize.  There is a big difference in the level of play between a rating of 1000 and 1800!