2019 July Match (3 Round)

Most of us are familiar with tournament play, but matches are where players only play one other player. “For USCF purposes, a match is defined as any event in which all or substantially all of the games are between two individuals who choose to play each other or are chosen to play each other multiple times, such as a multi-game team-on-team match.”

Players must be within 400 rating points of each other. Color to be determined by pairing software. Must sign-up by June 20th to apply for a spot. Hopefully there will be enough players in rating proximity for everyone to have someone to be matched against. Rating must be established to play a match.

Dates: July 2, 16, 30. 6:00 PM-8:00 PM. One game each night.

Location: 10701 Baseline Road, Little Rock, AR 72022.

Time Control: G/60;d5. No byes.

TD: Ryland Brown, 501-516-6822, ryland@gatewayseminars.com

Cost: $3 to cover ratings.

Prize: Ratings and experience.

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