Big News in Arkansas Chess!

BIG NEWS: year long, statewide, Grand Prix for Arkansas players throughtout 2018!
The last time AR had a state-wide Grand Prix (GP) was more than a decade ago.
The basics: you earn points for wins and draws in each Grand Prix designated event you participate in, with points tallied all year long and there will be CASH prizes awarded for overall 1st and 2nd, plus cash for Class prizes after the year concludes!
Our GP winners may not be the strongest players in AR or the strongest in a given class; rather, Grand Prix will reward
those who participate in multiple tournaments.

A PDF of the complete RULES can be accessed here:

§ Saturday January 27th Snowflakes in Little Rock
Click here for details and to register.

~ NEW EVENT! March 3rd: Dream Quads
Beebe, AR

TD: Paul Hill,

GRAND PRIX EVENT! § March 24-25: AR OPEN, Fayetteville.
Full details available here:
TD Les Kline,

~ NEW EVENT! April 7th – State Scholastic GIRLS Championship
The first, open to all FEMALE players in Arkansas in grades K through grade 12. Girls will compete to determine our overall female champion to AR representative for the National Girls’ Invitational. This event is exclusively for girls!

~ NEW EVENT! April 21st State Scholastic Championship
Open to all Arkansas students, male and female, grades K-12.
Players will be split into two sections by grade: K-8, and 9-12th
The best player in the 9th-12th graders will be Arkansas’ representative at the Denker Tournament of High School Champions.
The best player in the K-8th will be the Arkansas representative at the Barber Tournament of K-8 Champions.
Runners-up will be selected, and team trophies will also be awarded as well as our individual champions.
TD for both Scholastic Championships this year: Les Kline,
Venue for both events: School of Innovation, Springdale, AR
Watch for more details later, but for now coaches, parents, students, please reserve the date(s) above and plan your trip. See you in Springdale! 

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