New Partnership for SWLR Chess Club

New Partnership

Rosalind Washington, Ryland Brown, Kiesha Walker, and Maggie Peralta meet to discuss the new partnership between the SWLR Chess Club and the I Promise program.

This afternoon I met with leaders from the I Promise out of school program to discuss a partnership between their program and the SWLR Chess Club.  I Promise meets out of the Covenant Keepers Charter School on Geyer Springs Road and helps give experiences to children ages 6-19 through prevention (ages 6-11) and youth intervention (ages 12-19).

What Does This Mean For SWLR Chess Club?

Firstly, the SWLR Chess Club will now offer a 5 PM – 6PM component for students in the I Promise program, ages 9-12, and students, ages 13-19, will attend the normal 6 PM- 8 PM club meeting. Those from the I Promise program will have supervision and transportation to the meetings. Students under the age 13 who normally attend the regular meeting now have a choice between either or both meetings.  If your child attends our club and you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Secondly, this wonderful influx of players means our club needs more supplies.  We need at least eleven more chess sets ($90) and training supplies ($50).  If you are able to help out with these costs, please let me know ASAP. Chess teaches creativity, math skills, strategy, and deep thinking!  You have the opportunity to help kids who are at risk. or 501-203-9561.

Excited for the future!